Valentine’s Day Love

So many people associate Valentine’s Day with the idea that it’s about you and a special someone.  Although that is often times the case, how about love for your family, friends, and yourself?  Throughout my journey of self the past few years, and especially now as I’m working on my restoration, I’ve learned the importance of truly … More Valentine’s Day Love

Slow it Down

How many times have you thought, “Gosh, I want it SO bad, I want/need it to happen ASAP!!!”?  If you’re anything like me, this thought may cross your mind at least once a day 🙂  The moment I came across this idea of not rushing something you want to last forever, it immediately stopped me … More Slow it Down

Why Now?

So many people start blogs for a variety of reasons, but mine can be summed up in one word – “Broken”.  Over the past several months, my world was turned upside down and I slowly, but gradually, began to lose the firm grasp I previously had on the woman I was.  I began to question who I was … More Why Now?