Wait and See

To say I love reading is quite the understatement… I grew up going to the library when I was a little girl and that habit continues to grow today!  I even volunteer at the library on a weekly basis, haha 🙂  When I’m going through rough seasons, I always turn to inspirational books.  I never use … More Wait and See

A Parent’s Love

I’ve always been firm in the belief that a child will always need their parents, no matter the age.  I have been so unbelievably blessed with the parents I have, to the point I doubt my potential parenting skills because there’s no way I could be anywhere near as amazing as them!   When we’re … More A Parent’s Love

Champagne High

If I’m going to post about things I currently love, it’s only appropriate that the first post be about champagne!  I don’t know what it is about champagne, but the moment the flute is in my hand and those bubbles are bubbling away, I instantly feel a smidge fancier than moments before! Wine tasting is … More Champagne High