Time to Get Your Swank On! At a Discount, Of Course ;)

Let’s be honest, we all don’t have the shopping budget of Hollywood’s elite, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t dress like one! I’m all about my highs and lows… You’ll most definitely find me at Marshalls or Ross, but the next day you’ll spot me in Neiman Marcus. That’s the fun thing about shopping – taking looks you adore and making them work for you and your budget! So how can you make that happen? Let’s check out some tips below…

  1. Wear all white or all black



All white has such a fresh, lively look to it, but all black will bring an immediate sense of chicness and sophistication. It can be so easy, too! All you need is great fitting pants, a clean and simple tee, a few jewelry pieces, classy ballet flats, and let’s not forget about that handbag! The great news? You can find all of these items at discount stores everywhere!


  1. Layer your outfit with a jacket


Depending on your outfit and occasion, you can easily grab a leather motorcycle jacket, fitted blazer or classic trench and top it on whatever you’re wearing! One of my most favorite looks and one that is SO EASY, is skinny black pants, long sleeved black t-shirt, simple flats, all topped with an easy Burberry-inspired trench. All it takes is truly four simple pieces and you’ll look like you’re strolling Madison Ave.!

  1. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of drama



This is the one time in life where drama is OK! It’s fun to add a bit of flair to a simple outfit. Referring to my outfit suggesting in Tip #2, I did that exact outfit, all black, but topped it with a fabulous Audrey Hepburn-inspired mod-looking jacket. We’re talking fur, fairly long, the whole nine yards. And you know what? I felt so fabulous and it was SO easy!



  1. Rethink your “preppy” button-down



I always had the mentality that polos or anything with a structured collar and buttons was meant for private school or the office. I’ve since learned you can have fun with this look and really add some easy elegance to it! A button-down look doesn’t have to be drab and conservative, swank it up some! Tuck in the front to your skinny pants or boyfriend jeans, possibly a skinny belt, throw on a statement necklace and you’re set!



  1. Mix up those highs and lows
Proof!  Pants are from TJMaxx, sweater and coat are from Crossroads Trading Co., and the bag is vintage Chanel 🙂


This is my personal favorite and one I truly live by every day! I often times find myself giggling because half of my outfit will be from a discount chain or Forever 21, but my bag will be a from one of my favorite stores on 5th Ave.! I can’t say it enough – lose the mentality that you have to spend a lot to look and feel fabulous. You don’t! Mix up pieces you already have or perhaps invest in a few items you know will go with a variety of things. It’s a great way to allow your creativity for your own personal style to shine through!


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