Wait and See

To say I love reading is quite the understatement… I grew up going to the library when I was a little girl and that habit continues to grow today!  I even volunteer at the library on a weekly basis, haha 🙂  When I’m going through rough seasons, I always turn to inspirational books.  I never use the term self-help – it just sounds so sad!  I prefer inspiration because that’s what I’m seeking – inspiration for my soul.

The past few months have been rather challenging for me because I’m quite impatient andwait have a hard time “waiting” for my time to come.  I figure, if I’m working so hard at obtaining what I want, why on earth is it taking this long for things to come to fruition?!  So when I stumbled on my latest (favorite!!!) read, “Wait and See” by Wendy Pope, I had to pick it up and see if I could find some secrets to help ease my patience.

Oh my – this book was EXACTLY what I needed to bring me a sense of calmness and trust in life and the timing of it all.  I think trusting in life, timing and making sense of it all is something SO many people struggle with unfortunately.  I know it’s a common topic of conversation amongst me and my friends 🙂  If it’s something you personally struggle with, I cannot recommend this book enough!!!  Or if it’s not up your alley, try browsing for something along these lines.  Or if reading isn’t your thing, please seek out supportive, loving and understanding family and friends you can speak with.

You should never feel alone in life’s journey – we’re all here to love and support one another through life’s blended adventures!

*Some helpful links if you’re interested in purchasing:


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